Over 500 years of history

Jig Pattni comes from a family of jewellery designers dating back 500 years so you could say he was born to design jewellery. Jig Pattni started by helping out in the family workshop and then perfected his designing abilities. It's truly amazing watching Jig translate emotions, desire, passion and relationships into his work.

It is no wonder that he has become a leading named designer of bespoke pieces, which make up 90% of the work he produces. His unique and exclusive designs in producing one-off pieces have resulted in extremely positive feedback from the industry.

Jig Pattni has won the prestigious Design Innovation Award a record three times, the only person in the history of the awards to do so.

The award winning pieces are from two collections, 7 Deadly Sins (Lust 2005, Anger 2006) and Elvis inspired collection, and in 2007 The Devil in Disguise was the winner.