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  • Cat’s eye tourmaline set in 18ct gold , surrounded by black diamonds.

    18ct Gold
    11.57ct Tourmaline
    0.40ct Black Diamonds

  • £7,500.00

    This ring design is influenced by the Arch Angel Chamuel with a stunning and rare bubblegum pink Spinel. Around the Spinel are pave set Diamonds and Rubies on Platinum and Gold.

    Platinum and 18ct Gold Ring
    2.15ct Pink Spinel
    0.32ct Diamonds
    0.65ct Rubies

  • The untreated and unheated Sri Lankan Sapphire changes from purple to vivid blue.

    Platinum Ring
    1.67ct Colour Changing Sapphire
    0.45ct Burmese Blue Sapphires

  • £27,000.00

    Elephant Ring
    18ct Gold

  • £6,500.00

    The design for this ring is inspired by flowers.

    1.37ct Orange Sapphire
    1.10ct Blue Sapphires
    0.50ct Diamonds

  • This ring is designed around a Neon Blue Green Tourmaline surrounded by white diamonds and Pariaba Tourmaline.

    Platinum Ring
    2.78ct Tourmaline
    0.65ct Pariaba Tourmaline
    0.20ct Diamonds

  • £3,500.00

    Designed to comfortably sit between two fingers as well as show off the strong shapes. There is an assortment of white diamonds on the side of the ring that should face away when worn.

    Platnium Ring
    0.65ct Diamonds

  • £4,500.00

    The ring is designed to sit comfortably between two fingers as well as show off the strong shapes. The brown diamonds are gradually set darker away from the vivid red spinel.

    18ct Rose Gold
    1.68ct Burmese Red Spinel
    0.30ct Brown Diamonds

  • £4,500.00

    This ring is designed around Green Blue Tourmaline. Around the centre stone are pave set Black Diamonds.

    Platinum Ring
    4.59ct Tourmaline
    0.35ct Black Diamonds

  • £4,200.00

    Tsavorite Set in a platinum ring

    950 Platinum
    1.38ct Tsavorite
    1.00ct Diamonds